Interactive Spaces

Connecting people and environments

Our life takes place in many different spaces – from private to public, from living to work.
All spaces should be human-centered and provide a livable, inclusive and sustainable experience. They should address our human needs to find orientation, get inspired, be productive or simply be contemplative.

By designing human-centered interactions we enable people to connect with their environment in a meaningful way. We design playful and interactive ways of storytelling, stimulate interactivity and make information a tangible experience.


Exhibition visitors who use different media stations like a media table with a touch-sensitive surface, operate an audio station or view an interactive map.


Digital solutions in urban spaces create vibrant learning, competent communication and active citizens.

Urban Spaces

A reactive room installation, which allows the visitor a spatial user experience through a playful and explorative interaction with the motion-sensing technology.

Media Installations

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

The quick start to a successful project

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In our workshops (from half a day up to one week) we look from a user-centered perspective on your ideas. Together we identify pain points and requirements. We give feedback and help you adding creative value to your business goals. Write us a mail and we contact you to discuss next steps.

Fields of work

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