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Storytelling for campaigns

We helped NGOs with creative tools for convincing campaign storytelling.

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Creativity Techniques
2 days with 1 person
Workshop with creativity techniques and storytelling


How can NGOs communicate their campaign goals in a vivid and compelling way? How can creativity techniques let campaign workers take on new perspectives to tell a better story?


In an inspiring workshop environment we coached the participants in developing new approaches to their own stories. Playful techniques like “creativity through motion” or “telling a story backward” helped transforming existing thoughts and open the mind for new ideas.


We equipped the attendants with creative tools they can apply on their own.

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Ideation session for innovative communication concepts
Planning the day of betterplace storytelling lab workshop
Card sorting and brainstorming in creativity workshop
Creative environment at the betterplace storytelling lab workshop
Exercises designed to stimulate creativity of workshop participants
Rhetoric lesson for TED event by betterplace
Insights about campaign storytelling workshop
Post-its and notes for brainstorming and clustering ideas
Workshop moderators have fun at qualitative interview
Sound designer optimizes audio files of interviews
Schedule of betterplace storytelling lab workshop
Explaining NGO perspective on campaigning at betterplace storytelling lab workshop
Co-creation session at betterplace storytelling lab workshop
Workshop participants applying creativity techniques and storytelling
Exchanging ideas during the workshop break at the Spree
Betterplace storytelling lab with campaigning experts
KAOS creative space in Berlin

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