Research innovation communicated vividly

The new biotechnology company HotSpot Therapeutics asked us to design a website that vividly communicates the innovative approach of their first-in-class medicines development.

Hotspot Therapeutics
UX Concept, Graphic Design, Frontend Development, Wordpress Backend, Responsive Web Design
4 months with 4 people
Responsive website landing page design


External communication to comprehensibly and compellingly convey the complex scientific contents of a start-up from the medical sector.


A responsive web design with Content-Management-System to vividly communicate the scientific approach of Hotspot Therapeutics and the technology they have developed.


Interwoven with social media and news, the easily expandable CMS with blog is an important part of the company’s communication and marketing strategy.

Jonathan Montagu HotSpot Therapeutics

“It was a pleasure working with Eatch. We were three teams in different timezones and still the process was smooth and communication effective. We have had amazing feedback on the website. The animations and visual metaphors communicate our research beautifully to anyone with or without scientific background. We look forward to continuing to work with Eatch.”

— Jonathan Montagu, Co-Founder and CEO of HotSpot Therapeutics
Web design and graphic design of regulatory hotspots
Home page of HotSpot Therapeutics showing innovative biotech approach
HotSpot Therapeutics Abelson 1 kinase protein with regulatory hotspot
Graphic design showing effectiveness of biotech technology


Public relations: Verge Scientific Communications

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