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Multi-sensory exhibition

CBM asked us to design a foyer for people with seeing, hearing and walking impairment, a space that creates a branded and multi-sensory experience.

Christoffel-Blindenmission Deutschland e.V.
UX Concept, Workshop, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design, Prototyping
12 months with 15 people
A volume control at a multi-sensory station in an inclusive exhibition


How do you design an exhibition allowing for a self-determined experience for blind, deaf, mentally and physically challenged people?


A foyer exhibition with various experience stations that convey Christoffel-Blindenmission’s topics in an inclusive way and give impulses for social exchange.


Inclusive UX design is more than accessibility. It is a multi-sensory experience that is enriching for everyone and takes the needs of all users into account, regardless of age, gender, origin or impairment.

Sonja Mund Christoffel Blindenmission

“Visitors can now gain insight into our work as a development organization. At interactive installations they can learn what it’s like to have visual impairment or hearing loss. The foyer is not only a wonderful welcoming space for our donors and visitors, but also puts our employees in a good mood every day!”

— Sonja Mund, Head of Publications at Christoffel-Blindenmission

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The Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) is an internationally operating development aid organization and one of Germany’s 20 largest aid organizations. Its aim is to improve the living conditions of blind, deaf, mentally and physically handicapped people on the basis of Christian values and acting preventively. Eatch was entrusted with the task of conceiving and implementing an interactive and inclusive exhibition experience for the headquarters in Bensheim.

Christoffel Blindenmission building
Interactive exhibition and brand space in CBM foyer
Reading braille writing on the Ernst Jakob Christoffel statue

The multi-sensory experience stations allow visitors to have an isolated experience of impairments e.g. regarding seeing or hearing. This way the stations also convey the important work of CBM.

Simulation of visual and hearing impairments on visitor wall in foyer of CBM
Visitors interact with multi-sensory wall simulating visual impairment
Visitor palpates braille script to understand work of CBM
CBM visitors and workshop participants write into guestbook

The inclusively designed information boards give challenged visitors the possibility to inform and orient themselves self-determinedly. In addition to Braille writing, longer texts are available as audio versions, playing automatically when the headphones are picked up. Considering the hearing impaired, volume can be adjusted individually.

Audio station for visitors with spoken text in the CBM
Audio station for simulation of hearing impairments
A volume control at a multi-sensory station in an inclusive exhibition

The interactive glass mosaic is an atmospheric element based on the Richter church window. Each mosaic piece is touch-sensitive and gives the user the possibility to change the light colour or draw any pattern on the wall.

Playful interaction on multi-touch display
Interactive light mosaic with mobile app in the foyer of CBM
Painting with touch interaction on interactive panel
Multi-touch interaction with light mosaic
Multi-touch gestures by visitor on LED wall in CBM foyer


Interior Design: COORDINATION sg design GmbH

Glass mosaic: volatiles lighting GmbH

Audio stations: m.o.l.i.t.o.r. GmbH

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