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Interactive business report

Together with the branding experts from Die Botschaft, we created an interactive business report for the public transport service in Berlin.

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)
Interaction Design, Design-Development, Frontend Development
4 weeks with 3 people
Frontend development animation for interactive business report


How can business figures and company achievements be communicated in a playful way?


Together with Die Botschaft we developed a concept for an interactive design and built a website that makes the report available online for any screen format. Scrollable animations, animated backgrounds and interactive data make for an entertaining user experience.


Instead of unnecessary paper loads or dull PDFs, Berlin’s public services now have their business numbers embedded in a web concept fitting their bold marketing strategy.

Please click on the Play-button to start the video. We would like to point out that data will be transmitted to the respective provider.


Concept and Design: DIE BOTSCHAFT Communication GmbH

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