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Highlighting a sea rescue organisation

SOS Humanity asked us to build their new website. It communicates the work and facilitates collecting donations for their search and rescue work. To save lives on the Mediterranean sea.

SOS Humanity – SOS Mediterranee Deutschland e.V.
UX Concept, Information Architecture, Responsive Web Design, Data Visualization
A person navigating the SOS Humanity website.


Integrating diverse content and donation options seamlessly while maintaining flexibility for editors. Ensuring a comprehensive yet concise overview of the organization’s missions and activities.


The new website serves as a central tool to support and communicate the initiatives of the organization. Careful consideration of design elements, layout, and functionality ensures the fluid user experience on mobile, tablet and desktop.


The redesign optimizes conversion pathways, streamlines the donation process, and encourages visitors to take actions. With a visually engaging design and user-friendly interface, the website raises awareness and encourages active engagement in supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.

The front page of the SOS Humanity Website, showing the rescue ship out on open seas.
A news section of the SOS Humanity website showing a crew member looking through binoculars.
A donation module for SOS Humanity, including a ship graphic showing the amount of donations collected so far.
The website of SOS Humanity showing information about the rescue ship, news and donation options.

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