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Digital brand design for a biotech company

The biotech start-up Cardior asked us to redesign their logo, website and presentation templates.

Cardior Pharmaceuticals GmbH
UX Concept, Responsive Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Frontend Development, Wordpress Backend
4 months with 4 people.
Cardior Website CMS


Cardior received funding from one of the largest biotech financing rounds in Germany that year. They needed a new look representing the growing company, its values and innovative science. A design that stands out from the crowd.


A new logo, style guide, templates for presentations and social media. A responsive, modular and fast CMS with press releases, news and events. Cardior’s innovative methods are visualized with didactic illustrations and animations.


In a time where RNA-based therapeutics are on everyone’s mind, Cardior presents its leading science with a stylistically confident design. The new style guide, design templates and the modular content-management system offer a toolbox allowing to attract attention and to stand out from other approaches in the field.

Cardior Pharmaceuticals Logo
Cardior Noncoding RNA
Science Animation Startup
Webdesign Pharma Company
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