Comprehensible mobility data

Eatch built a big data software interface that communicates the power of the SD4M (Smart Data for Mobility) service platform to the research and business community.

DB Systel GmbH
UX Concept, Interface Design, Data Visualization, Motion Design, Design-Development, Frontend Development
3 months with 4 people
Software demonstrator
Interactive big data visualization at the CeBIT trade show


Depicting the complexity of the intelligent data algorithms that the SD4M technology uses to combine and analyze live data from various sources. Displaying the contents of the SD4M platform in the best possible way.


Our easy-to-use interface displays data sources and their analysis by clustering data as events on an interactive map. When tapping on an event, the user sees the analyzed source, connected data libraries and its impact, for example on supply chains. Physically, the demonstrator was presented as a big touch display.


The demonstrator went on a road show through Germany, China, Japan and the Arab Emirates and was presented at CeBIT 2016 and 2017, sparking very positive feedback. It outlines the possibilities of combining structured and unstructured data. The service platform enables companies to react quickly on events such as delivery delays or competitor activities. It can also be used for predicting mobility conditions or personal mobility assistants. SD4M’s research findings are the basis for future product development.

Icon system on multi-touch display presented by Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit
Interactive demonstrator for research project
Big Data matched with semantic language processing
Machine learning AI proof-of-concept shown to Horst Seehofer

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