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Storytelling session to define a digital service

In a digitalized world, we combine our passion for new technologies with human-centered design. We are a team of digital experts, designers and developers with a strategic mindset. Dedicated to excellence and at the same time very hands-on. Together with companies, organizations and research institutes, we envision the future and design the next steps towards it.

Our values. And other things, we believe in:

Better together

Together with our clients and workmates we create open spaces where we share ideas and visions. Communication at eye level and collaborative work for a joint undertaking.

Different skills, same mindset

Outstanding results demand for multi-disciplinary teams with versatile people. Everybody contributes her/his expertise. Everyone with a critical mindset and special skills.

Bold and elaborate

We like to think critical, non-linear and radically different. We turn things upside down and put them back together in elaborate style.

Creativity for the win

By applying creativity techniques, we add essential value to IT-projects, research programs and digital challenges. We explore new paths to discover relevant innovations. Creative thinking is our DNA.

Meet Eatch

Our hearts beat for both tech and design.

Vera Albers

Vera Albers

— Graphic and Brand Design
Julian Aliabadi

Julian Aliabadi

— Lead Development
  • +49 30 69 53 4143
Phillip Jones

Phillip Jones

– Web Design
Julian Masuhr

Julian Masuhr

— Managing Director, Founder
  • +49 30 69 53 4140
  • linkedin.com/in/masuhr

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