Eatch Interactive

We transform brands into digital trailblazers.


Digitalization, user-centered.

Digital services

We design online platforms in the areas of public services, brand and product interaction and social applications.

Innovation tools

We help managers to create digital strategies and fulfill their company goals by designing predictive, data driven applications.

Connected environments

Drafting concepts and interfaces for the Industry 4.0, urban experience spaces and augmented reality we shape the way people interact with technology.

Meet Eatch

Strategic designers,
creative developers,
visionary thinkers.

  • Franziska Sander
    Communication and exhibition design
  • Andrea D’Auria
    Communication design
  • Julius Schäufele
    Interaction design
  • Valentin Seehausen
    Application development
  • Vera Albers
    Communication design
  • Matthias Dunker
    User experience design
  • Julian Masuhr
    User experience design
  • Felie Zernack
  • Matthew Henderson
    Application development


Together with our clients, we design the future.

  • DFKI
  • FTI
  • Nike
  • Betterplace
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